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All Services are back online!

Both student bulletin and EASLINK is now back online! The previous internet issue has now been resolved. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by our down time and we will keep working on making our services more efficient and…

Server Internet issue

EASLINK and Student bulletin is currently experiencing an internet issue and could not be accessed when you are not connected to BCIS Wi-Fi. Our services functions properly when you are connected to BCIS Wi-Fi. We are trying to resolve the…

Old Posters

During the summer the way that you add posters to EASLINK EAs changed. The old posters can be found here: :f:/g/personal/2014229051_bcis_cn/EpCi3AvJx_NGhmLpMzbBnYoBGJsjG34jUmXdt-Vf7L8AZg?e=cotiCK Sorry for the inconvenience.